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20th Century Battlefields (Complete series)

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20th Century Battlefields
Join hosts Peter and Dan Snow for an unprecedented look at the decisive conflicts of the 20th century. This new landmark series reveals the intricacies of these crucial battles -- the strategies, the weapons, the tactics and their impact. Unique CGI brings to life the vast landscapes of modern warfare and an extraordinary overview of the major actions, while the dramatized testimony of ordinary soldiers brings the experience of combat into sharp relief.

20th Century Battlefields
(The documentary contains 8 episodes)
Production:  BBC
Duration: 43:31 min
Language: English

Episode 1: 1918 Western Front
The Snows tell the story of the 1918 Battle of Amiens in Northern France.

Episode 2: 1942 Midway
The Snows give a blow-by-blow account of the battle of Midway.

Episode 3: 1942 Stalingrad
How the tactics of Hitler and Stalin resulted in tragedy on both sides.

Episode 4: 1951 Korea
Peter and Dan Snow examine the forgotten war of the 20th century: the battle for Korea.

Episode 5: 1968 Vietnam
Peter and Dan Snow trace the Tet Offensive of 1968, the turning point of the Vietnam War.

Episode 6: 1973 Middle East
Peter and Dan Snow unravel the complex history of conflict in the Middle East.

Episode 7: 1982 Falklands
Peter and Dan Snow tell the story of the Falklands War.

Episode 8: 1991 Gulf
Peter and Dan Snow go to Kuwait to tell the story of Operation Desert Storm.

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1:57 That man is very UN middle eastern, he has light complexion and blonde hair. Just a comment...

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