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The Lost Diary of Dr. Livingstone | Documentary

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The Lost Diary of Dr. Livingstone | Watch online Documentary films
The Lost Diary of Dr. Livingstone
examine new forensic techniques being used to study Dr. Livingstone’s unpublished field diary, which reveals he was witness to the brutal massacre of slaves at the hands of their traders. The writings in this diary suggest Livingstone was far different from the legend that surrounds him.
Dr. David Livingstone is the renowned British explorer, whom American journalist Henry Morton Stanley greeted with the now famous words, “Dr. Livingstone, I presume.” When New York Herald reporter Stanley found him in a small African village on November 10, 1871, the reclusive Livingstone had lost contact with the outside world for six years. In the late 19th century in Victorian Britain, Livingstone was a popular hero of the era, a celebrated explorer, Christian missionary, staunch abolitionist and pioneering doctor, who developed a treatment for malaria. But was he really the national hero people made him out to be? During his last expedition, Livingstone witnessed and documented an event that changed the course of history. His account of the mass slaughter of the village Nyangwe, recorded in his journal brought back by Stanley, horrified the American and British public and ultimately led to the end of the African slave trade, and closing down the world’s last open slave market.  But Livingstone may not have told the entire story of the massacre in his journal. To discover the truth behind the massacre, follows a team of experts, led by Adrian Wisnicki of Nebraska University, as they attempt to decipher Livingstone’s original field diary – recently discovered – to determine what really happened in Nyangwe.

 The Lost Diary of Dr. Livingstone
 Production: PBS
 Duration: 47:00 min
 Subtitles: Greek Built
 Language: English

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