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Hunting Hitler - Season 3 | Documentary Series

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Hunting Hitler - Season 3 Watch online Documentary Series
Hunting Hitler - Season 3
The current season does not concentrate solely on the recently declassified FBI files, but looks at numerous other documents of various origins. Now three years into the investigation of the greatest cold case in history, 21-year CIA veteran Bob Baer looks to solve the final piece of the puzzle and determine the true fate of the most reprehensible mass murderer of the 20th century, Adolf Hitler, once and for all.
To zero in on Hitler’s definitive escape route, Bob implements the man-hunting strategy that intelligence agencies across the globe use to find and capture high value targets: Asset Mapping. The team will investigate Hitler’s network of top associates, analyzing the roles they played in his potential escape. This is exactly how the C.I.A. found Saddam Hussein and Osama bin Laden.

 Hunting Hitler - Season 3
 Production: History Channel
 Duration: 40:00 min
 Language: English

Episode 1: The Final Hunt Begins

Episode 2: Clandestine Cache

Episode 3: Nuclear Nazi Weapons

Episode 4: 150 Feet Below

Episode 5: Dead Drops

Episode 6: Lurking Beneath the Surface

Episode 7: Target United States

Episode 8: Hitlers Last Will

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