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Conviction Murder in Suburbia (2018) Documentary Series

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Conviction Murder in Suburbia (2018) Watch online Documentary Series
Conviction Murder in Suburbia 
Inside Justice investigates the conviction of Glyn Razzell, found guilty of his wife's murder. Glyn maintains his innocence, and now there's an alleged link with a double murderer.
Documentary following the work of Inside Justice as they investigate an alleged miscarriage of justice. Every year, around 200 people in the UK are convicted of murder. A guilty verdict can only be challenged if new evidence comes to light - and less than 1 per cent of cases are ever overturned. Inside Justice is a registered charity led by Louise Shorter, supported by a panel of criminal lawyers, ex-police officers and forensics experts who offer assistance in cases where there could have been a miscarriage of justice.
Glyn Razzell was convicted of murdering his wife Linda in 2003. Her body has never been found and Glyn has always protested his innocence. Led by Louise Shorter, Inside Justice experts in forensic science, policing and law re-examine the case to see if there is any new evidence that could challenge the conviction. The key evidence from the trial was that Linda's blood was found in the boot of the car her estranged husband was driving on that day. Experts hear how this blood wasn't found until the third police search of the vehicle. Glyn has always maintained the blood was planted and that Linda's death was staged. Inside Justice blood experts review the original forensic evidence presented at trial to see if they agree with the conclusions that were made 15 years ago. They also apply for forensic material to run new tests which they believe will help them interrogate Glyn Razzell's insistence that the blood was planted to frame him.
A new line of enquiry also came to light in 2016. There is speculation of a link between Linda and a convicted murderer who killed two women in the Swindon area. Could Linda have been another one of his victims? Or is Glyn Razzell's conviction sound?

 Conviction Murder in Suburbia
 Production: BBC
 Duration: 59:00 min (each episode)
 Language: English 

Episode 1

Episode 2

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